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Start Your Own Residential or Janitorial Business


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur that would love to own a thriving residential cleaning or janitorial business? If so - would you love to have that business created for you by proven professionals, so when you completely take over it is already generating consistent monthly revenue? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then we have a fantastic solution for you!

how to start a janitorial business
We're Service Leads USA, and we specialize in creating, developing, and rapidly growing cleaning businesses across the US. We're a premier lead generation and marketing company based in Central Florida, and our team of in-house experts have assisted so many professional cleaning companies with taking their operation to the next level. Due to this, we have a wealth of experience in starting, developing and rapidly scaling residential and commercial cleaning businesses within a short amount of time, and we would love to help you with starting and grow your own cleaning venture as well.

So why start your own cleaning business with no guarantee of growth, or even worse - potentially lose all the money you invested into it? Instead, let the highly experienced team here at Service Leads USA do it for you. We will create a branded and thriving residential or commercial cleaning company for you, and not a franchised operation that will charge you a variety of monthly fees on each account.

We will create a brand-new cleaning company for you from scratch, in addition to showing you how to quote your prospects, hire and train staff, how to manage your business on a daily so much more!

What does all of this include?


You will receive a new Corporation or LLC within your state, and this includes an EIN / Tax ID).

You will receive a company name, matching logo a dynamic website and a domain / dot-com name.

You will receive the necessary licenses and insurances to operate your business.

You will receive a detailed business plan that will include 5 year projections and more.

You will receive 30 sales leads free of charge, and our leads have directly contributed to the rapid growth of hundreds of cleaning companies nationwide and in Canada.

We will assist you with hiring and training staff, and this will include online hiring Ads.

We guarantee you will receive a variety of actual cleaning clients within 30 - 60 days of starting.

We will have several one-hour phone calls with you, and we will provide you with training, in addition to detailed game plans and strategies to operate your business on a day-to-day basis.

Plus so much more!

how to start a commercial cleaning business
start a janitorial business

To contribute to the rapid success of your cleaning company, we will provide your new venture with 30 qualified sales leads free of charge. Service Leads USA specializes in appointment setting services within the cleaning industry across the US and Canada, and our clients report 30% - 55% closing ratios on the sales appointments we generate for them. We have a massive in-house team of certified Appointment Setters that solely work on behalf of the cleaning industry, and collectively they generate over 1,000 sales appointments on a weekly basis for hundreds of cleaning companies nationwide.


The majority of our clients are scaling their businesses quickly as a direct result of our appointment setting services, and you can click here to see how it works. Our cleaning sales appointments are $99 each, and providing your business with 30 qualified sales appointments is a value of $3,000 that we are contributing towards your growth. To create a new and profitable cleaning business for you, we charge an affordable $5,000 flat. When you receive $3,000 worth of free sales leads from us, along with several guaranteed clients within 30 - 60 days of working together, our service will pay for itself many times over.


Our biggest clients within the cleaning industry are huge franchised locations, and each of them are under the following major brands:


  • Service Master Clean

  • Jan-Pro International 

  • Stratus Building Solutions

  • Office Pride

  • City-Wide Facility Solutions

  • Bldg.Works

  • System 4 and others, along with hundreds of independently owned cleaning companies as well.

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Let Us Rapidly Grow Your Janitorial Business Today!

We Provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

After creating your business from scratch, do we guarantee sales?

Yes we do! Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a specific dollar amount in sales, but our wealth of knowledge and expertise in growing cleaning businesses will immediately bring customers in the door. Each cleaning client will have different prices and rates for services depending on their square footage, frequency of cleaning and other factors, but you will easily recoup our $5,000 cost very quickly.

Is this a business that you have to operate full-time?

Not necessarily. Most of the businesses we help launch can be ran part-time, but if you are looking to scale a business towards life changing income, a full-time schedule will bring you so much closer towards achieving that goal.

What type of service are we providing exactly?

We are creating your entire cleaning business from scratch. From incorporating the company, to the creation of the company name, logo, website and so much more; you will have a ready to go business that is generating sales within the timeframe that we work together. We will also provide you with several recurring paying clients upon launching your new venture.

After we launch your business, what can you expect?

You can expect sales and growth! Throughout the course of creating your business, you will have several phone calls with us that will outline a simplified way to operate your business. You will also have our direct phone number, and we will always be available during and after this service to assist.

Why will we be available after we have completed your project?

It's pretty simple. When you experience success with this service that we provide, we will utilize you and your experience as an additional testimonial that will help us with future clients that want to experience the same.

After our $5,000 cost for this service, do you need any additional funds?

Yes. To clean homes and businesses, you will need cleaning products, supplies and other items that we will discuss with you. Due to this, we suggest having between $1,000 - $3,000 in additional funds available. This will enable you to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies to fulfill each of your customers scope of work.

Do you need expertise within the cleaning industry?

It isn't necessary, but it will help tremendously. We have assisted many business owners that had next to no experience within the cleaning industry, and they watched several hours of YouTube videos to see first-hand how to provide their services to customers. We will also provide you with different strategies and tactics in detail, to further help you along. 

How does our 100% Money Back Guarantee work?

Upon completion of the time that we work together (30 days from start to finish), you will end up with a branded business that is generating sales activity and poised for rapid growth. If we fall short on this, you will receive a full refund with no questions asked!

Ready To Start Your Own Cleaning Business?

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