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Updated: Dec 14, 2022

One of the most popular services we provide is the appointment setting services for our commercial cleaning customers. Here at Service Leads USA we do not sell commercial cleaning leads, instead - we sell booked appointments with qualified prospects in your area that are actively looking for a janitorial bid.

Appointment setting is one of the most affordable and effective ways to grow your local service-based business, and the system we have at Service Leads USA provides you with scheduled face to face sales appointments for your commercial cleaning business. We get you in front of qualified prospects within a few days of getting started with us. Simply tell us what areas you service and the type of appointment(s) you want, and our professional team of inside sales representatives will get to work on your behalf. When you sign up with us, we first go over a 6 question questionnaire with you over the phone to ensure we generate the exact kind of appointment(s) you want, then we customize a script for your business prior to calling local commercial facilities in your area.

Most importantly: you'll receive affordable, booked, face to face sales appointments - not a commercial cleaning lead. Our appointments are also exclusive to your business, meaning we do not sell your appointment to any other commercial cleaner in your service area(s).

Exclusive appointments are the best alternative to shared leads from Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Craft Jack and others. Local commercial cleaning companies know that shared leads come with a lot of competition, which means you must call the consumer quickly, hope to be one of the first to call, and further hope you don't get beat down on price too much.

With exclusive, cost-effective appointments produced by Service Leads USA, you no longer have to call the "leads" provided by the other companies. With them, you still have to generate the on-site estimate yourself versus letting us generate the sales appointment(s) for you. We call the specific types of commercial facilities you tell us to call in your area, then you can sit back, relax - and let our appointment setting professionals book your appointments with qualified prospects.

We also prep the point of contact at your booked appointment to receive an emailed Appointment Confirmation from your cleaning company, so you can confirm the date and time of your appointment. Most times, your prospects would also like a phone call from your commercial cleaning company to confirm the appointment - and both of these methods allow you to see/experience the quality of the appointment before you even go on it.

So if you're ready to have exclusive commercial cleaning appointments that are generated from our professional in-house telemarketers, give us a call today at 877-268-2867 and let us help you grow your appointment at a time!

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