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Top 5 Reasons Cleaning Companies Fail

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

"Top Five 'Secret' Reasons Cleaning Companies Fail" and how to possibly avoid them. 1) No marketing. Marketing is part of doing business; it is conducted when you need new accounts and even when you have all that you can handle. Often times professional cleaning businesses spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars monthly on Google AdWords and mass mailing find that only clicks to their website is what occured - and no sales appointments were generated. Having a great appointment setting campaign requires a company like Cleaning Leads USA who can generate your cleaning business daily appointments on your behalf. 2) Outdated SEO. Many contractors update their website every two, three, or more years and then forget about it. However, Google and other search engines are updating their search engine algorithms every few months. Have an SEO expert at Cleaning Leads USA update your site at least once or twice per year as you need to stay on top of your order to stay at the top of Google. 3) No customer retention policy. It is not uncommon for customers to say they have neither seen nor heard from their cleaning contractor since the day he was hired. This invisibility makes it easy for customers to fire you. Make a regular date with your clients and let them know you care about their business and their cleaning needs. 4) Slow collections. Don't be embarrassed to contact slow-paying clients. When a customer does not pay you promptly, they are costing you money. Send out a polite but straightforward second notice request if a payment is 30 days past due. 5) Poor staff training: This is probably the number one killer of contract cleaning companies. Poorly trained workers typically result in a revolving door cleaning one new customer is retained, two leave. Training and ongoing training are crucial in order for a cleaning company to survive and thrive.

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